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Floating Mantel, beam mantel, huge shelf, farmhouse mantel



Farmhouse mantel, floating mantel
48”L x 11”D x 4.5”Th

Absolutely beautiful mantel with tons of texture and character. Gouges, knots, splits, and cracks all over. Stained in an antique oak with a heavy duty satin top coat for years of enjoyment.
This piece looks like a solid beam, but it is actually hollow with a French cleat installed for easy and secure installation.
It will float on the wall without corbels or brackets for a modern but rustic look!!

Each mantel will have its own unique markings and character.

•Floating! No brackets or corbels required
•Beautiful texture and texture and end grain like a solid beam! No one will know it’s not real!
•Easy to hang with a built in French Cleat for secure and quick installation!
•custom sizes available. Just ask!

Dimensions 48 × 11 × 4.5 in


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