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Farmhouse wood ceiling beams, frame and timber, hand hewn beams

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Wood ceiling beams are a quintessential feature of architecture. Their natural beauty and rugged texture add depth and visual interest to any room. Whether you choose European Oak for an authentic vintage look or opt for our new Badlands Onyx with a modern Wabi Sabi look, the exposed beams will impart a sense of sophistication and authenticity to your space. The warm, earthy tones of the wood complement a variety of interior color palettes, making them a versatile choice for modern lifestyles.

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Real wood ceiling beams, frame and timber, hand hewn beams, farmhouse ceiling. These wooden beams are easy to install and are made from real wood! They have knots, gauges, splits, and tons of character. They are built from three pieces forming a U shaped beam with a hollow core. They look totally solid and each one is unique. They are textured by hand with traditional draw knives, spoke shaves, and chisels. We hand sand each piece and skillfully apply the stain completely obscuring the glue lines.
•5 finishes:
Unfinished, Dark Tobacco (dark), Western Bourbon(mid tone, most popular), European oak, and our newest offering…Badlands Onyx!
•Easy to install
•Easy to handle 7 foot lengths (ships UPS)
*sizes longer than 7’ will have an extra shipping charge. Just message me with your location and I’ll give you a price!
•custom sizes available

If you buy 2 or more, I will include faux wrought iron straps to hide the joints
Free of charge!!!

To install: attach the included pine strip to the ceiling making sure to screw into the joists. Then slip the beam over it and toe nail from the side. And your done!!


Please contact custom sizes or different designs.


4.25"Th x 4.25"W x 84"L, 2.75"Th x 5"W x 84"L, 6.25" Th x 5.5"W x 84"L, 4.25" Th x 4.25"W x 12'L, 2.75" TH x 5"W x 12'L, 6.25" TH x 5.5"W x 12'L


Unfinished, Dark Tobacco, Western Bourbon, European Oak, Badlands Onyx

1 review for Farmhouse wood ceiling beams, frame and timber, hand hewn beams

  1. Jonathan

    I recently had the pleasure of installing wood ceiling beams in my home, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

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