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The old shack

  I started this shop in an old garage/shack. The structure was probably built in the early 1900’s as a place to house a horse and carriage or maybe a model T car.  When I took it over, it had seen many lifetimes and was just about ready to fall over. It looked like it was made with a deck of cards. Four cards precariously leaning onto one another with the chance that only a small shift in the air would bring them down. The walls all leaned out or in by close to a foot. Looking at it from the outside ,makes you wonder if it was built that way. The roof is on straight but the walls have a distinct tilt. It certainly would not be my first choice to set up my shop, but it was the only place i had. So with blind  faith i moved my bandsaw into one corner and built a bench along a wall. There are two large double doors leading out to the dusty ally which i immediately barricaded shut. The slanting front had a single door that opened in and stayed hanging open like a trap door since the entire wall is angled in. My first tool was my 14″ bandsaw that i bought from the sale of my 73 VW van. I still have that saw and it gets used everyday. I had acquired some other old hand tools over the years along with some essential power tools, so i set them up roughly in the middle of the old shack. Working in that space was wonderful at times and not so great other times. It got dreadfully hot in the summer and bitter cold during the winter. There was no insulation, just the bare structure, so id have sweat dripping off my nose in August and shiver me timbers in the winter. When it rained, a small trickle of water would turn into a meandering river right through the middle. I learned not to leave anything sitting directly on the floor. It had two large windows that let in plenty of light and filled the place with hope. I loved it. It was a place where i could create by myself without distraction. My own little woodworking world. This was the place where i started my business. Those were the good old days.


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