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Custom Architectural Beam Table


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This beautiful table will make the ultimate statement in your home. A huge 8×8 central beam forms the backbone to which three significant pedestals are mounted. The massive proportions are balanced with loads of incredible details. The beam itself looks to be from another century with knots, splits, and tool marks. The ends have been sculpted into a classic rounded form. The pedestals are notched into the beam by hand and held in place with large corbels, forming an incredibly strong structure. The feet and corbels have rounded forms to mimic the central beam. The top with its luxurious 52” width is large enough for any gathering. Its 4” thick drop on the sides adds to the overall heft and visual weight of the table. The top has a hand hewn texture with checks and tool marks that add an heir of decades of celebrations. This impressive table is made of solid wood and entirely by hand in our shop by skilled craftsmen. The table pictured is finished in an Espresso stain with a durable satin topcoat.
Customization is our specialty, so this table can be made to your specific dimensions.

52”Wide x 30.5”Tall


10' Long x 52”Wide x 30.5”Tall, 12' Long x 52”Wide x 30.5”Tall, 14' Long x 52”Wide x 30.5”Tall, 16' Long x 52”Wide x 30.5”Tall


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